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Some reviews for WOMAN - THE FAILED MALE

by Luke Dunn
If you have even a casual interest in the rise of the patriarchy, the fall of the matriarchy, or the world's history then you should get into WOMAN - THE FAILED MALE. The writing is easy to read and humorous in places that might otherwise have proved too tense for the average reader. There were times that I was amazed at what proved to be a shocking look at an important yet largely ignored factor of human history and hierarchy - the role of semen.
By Richard Campbell
...before Eve came to join the scene of course. The subsequent story of feminine temptation... is all too well known... The author...mixes intelligence, insight and humour in a truly fascinating account of what lies at the root of male domination ... Dr Sharp examines the seed (quite literally) of man's self-appointed role as head of the hierarchy of creation...A good read.
by Gail Buttery (Businesswoman) Mousehole Cornwall
This book answers so many questions that you never thought to ask. If you have ever wondered why many men consider themselves superior to women, this book provides the explanation. Who would have thought that semen is at the root of men's presumed superiority? I am enlightened and empowered and experienced an epiphany when reading this book. It is a must read.
By Sara S. Al-Qoraishi ( Head of Research) The Qatar Foundation .Qatar
When I read the book I could not put it down, it was written efficiently with concise informative perspectives. I believe that we all over WORLD share similar circumstances/situations/stories even with different religions! Accordingly, I noticed that a religion is not a reason for men superiority; it could be cultural/traditional issues, which can be easily faced by EDUCATION!
by Bev Mellor (lecturer) Plymouth
This book throws extra light onto the Adam and Eve story, following through with a logic that is both serious and entertaining. Serious because the system of patriarchy is one that has remained largely unchallenged throughout the centuries; entertaining for its different perspective. Even I, a lay person with little regard for religion, found it accessible and easy to follow.
by Karen Dolman (Business management advisor) Saltash Cornwall
If you think that suppression (oppression?) of women was something that mainly happened in the past or in other parts of the world then you need to read this book. It will open your eyes to the systematic indoctrination that perpetuates the view that all women are inferior to men and reinforces discrimination. A fascinating journey through the ancient myths, values and belief systems that form the basis for the modern patriarchal society and asks the question has anything changed.
by Joy Zhang (Business graduate) Shanghai, China
I think it expressed well in terms of the religious underpinnings, the historical facts, and cultural conflicts for the status between women and men. It's fascinating to read, for it gave me a timeline from the ancient to till recent. I feel very attached because of my own experience, my mother's and many more other females' similar experience in my old town Historically and culturally, females have been treated with a low attention, and families only give 'fortune' to the boys, because they view boys are 'real assets'. I think this book should reach more readers, because even today, this situation still evident around the world, and in my real life.
by Edgar Mann. Royal Navy Submariner
As a man, I have often wondered why men are told from young, that they are superior to women. I have worked and lived with many females of our species and in my experience women are clearly not only superior, but are more intelligent and more resourceful that men generally. It has been handed down from father to son, uncle to nephew and by many male 'elders' to their charges. This book explains why. It MUST be read by all.
The Following is an official review of "Woman The Failed Male" by Dr. Geraldine Sharp, reviewed by kimmyschemy06 and given '4 out of 4 stars'
[this] is a very informative and enlightening, albeit startling, book written by Dr. Geraldine Sharp. ... The author begins with a relatively long and quite thought-provoking introduction where she gives a very promising overview of the book. ... The book explains that men and women are stereotyped with men given all the positive characteristics like intelligent, strong and independent while women are given the opposite like simple, weak and need guidance and protection. These stereotypes are held and maintained by our patriarchal society which leads to the subordination of women. Moreover, the author explicates the role of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to the justification for this subordination. In addition, the book emphasizes the contribution of the Three Fathers of the Church: Augustine, Albert and Aquinas to re-enforce the negative view of women.
There are so many interesting parts in the book. One of my favourite is the biased view on the story of creation where Eve took all the blame in Adam's and her being cast out of Paradise for offering him the forbidden fruit while Adam was vindicated for not dissuading Eve. Another interesting part is the explanation on why celibacy was enforced on priests but more so is the fate of the wives and children of priests when celibacy was codified.
The most interesting and important part of this book, for me, however, is the revelation of the missing link in the theories of male superiority. It is so basic and so obvious that it comes as a shock to know that that is the ultimate reason for all the discrimination, prejudice and abuse that women suffered all this time. The explanation is so simple that it is very easy to understand and acknowledge the veracity of the claim.

All in all, this is a very interesting, informative and enlightening book. It is scholarly written, well-researched and well-referenced. It contains startling revelations that will open up the minds of the readers and may change how they view men, women, the church and the entire society.
... I recommend it to female readers, feminists, religious leaders and world leaders.... See it on the book shelf at online book club
Another review. This time by Mercy Bolo "The title itself drew me in. I'm impressed that the subject matter of the book doesn't aim to justify,but to explain why and how women are considered the weaker sex".

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