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It is important that semen as the "missing link" is exposed as a fallacy, not least because the fantasies surrounding semen have legitimised the oppression women have experienced for several thousand years, but because many women continue to be used and abused as a consequence of a presumed male superiority. The United Nations, the World Health Organisation and other international organisations have recognised the extent of women's inequality and have made significant attempts to redress this. However, the presumption of male "superiority" continues to exist, and its very existence dooms many efforts aimed at equality between the sexes. Some men still talk about their "seed" and see women merely as sexual objects and/or incubators for their children. The presumption of male superiority is perpetuated in secular and religious organisation, in "traditions" and in "cultures". There will be no real equality between the sexes until these bastions of male supremacy are exposed for what they are - conduits for patriarchy A first step is to get the whole world talking about the nonsense associated with semen and how it has (and continues to) legitimise the oppression of women. Geraldine Sharp, the book's author, has set up an International Discussion Group to allow people to air their views on the topics covered in the book. The group content is restricted to "Adults Only". The reason for this is that under 18's may not yet be fully aware of the issues. You are invited to start a discussion group amongst your friends and colleagues.
It is the intention that small groups of women and men from different countries will read the book "Woman The Failed Male" and discuss the issues arising from it, then feedback to the international group. You will find the international group HERE . If the link does not work, copy and paste this address into your browser address bar!forum/woman-the-failed-male-discussion-group.
YOU CAN HELP this revolution in thinking about male superiority. Firstly ask us by email to become your local group administrator and register your local discussion group, then invite everybody you know, women or men to join the group (possibly through ©Facebook or some other media), to read the book, then discuss the issues at local level. Members may also leave comments on how they have been affected by the issues. The administrators will then feedback to the international group so that members across the world can read what others are saying. Together, we can change thousands of years of thinking, which has prevented women and men from realising their full humanity.
Here are a few suggested topics for consideration with discussion groups for members to follow and comment.
Semen - the missing link
Gender stereotypes - how true are they?
What ideas are at the root of many "traditions" and "cultures"
What is the role of religion in perpetuating male supremacy?
What is the role of secular organisations in inequality?
Ancient beliefs continue to exist in the 21st century. How do these beliefs contribute to the continued use and abuse of women?
Why men have felt the need to control women and their bodies?
What beliefs about semen have to do with contraception?
Why are some men admired for their sexual conquests whilst women are castigated?

If you have other topics that you feel are relevant to the book "Woman The Failed Male", please email or PM the group administrator with your suggestion.

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