Available Nov 1st 2017 - "A Trail of Semen Down Through The Ages"

The philosophical and medical discourses of Ancient Greece revealed the basis for the notion of male superiority - the possession of semen. Semen 'made men, men'. Women, lacking semen, were 'failed males'. Men were the 'spermatic animal par excellence. Semen was the source of new life. It contained the whole foetus in embryo. Women were merely the vessel for men's 'seed'. This notion of the 'seed' travelled down through the ages supported by religious and secular discourse.
A Trail of Semen Down Through The Ages is about the role of semen in theories of male superiority. It is an original, ground-breaking piece of work. The aim is to expose the fantasies surrounding semen, which continue to exist and have meaning. Beginning in the Ancient World, beliefs about semen are followed through the centuries through the lens of Christianity. The trail could be followed through the other two main world religions, but the ideas contained in Christianity were crucial in the formation of Western thought. Imperial Rome adopted Christianity and the Christian Church began to organise along Imperial lines and Church and State were mutually supportive and sustaining.

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